Saturday, March 7, 2009


Years of watching football has convinced me that the football commentators are some of the most interesting people in the world. Most of them, I find heavily biased in favour of British teams, but they are a funny race. They also come up with some of the most inspiring lines you'll ever hear.

After an exceptional day at the defence, Bolton Wanderers conceded a goal off a sparkling bicycle kick from some big-team player.
"We said it'd take something special to beat this Bolton Wanderers defence tonight. Well, you've just seen something special."

One of the funniest. Some bigger team conceded due to lack of proper marking. Something to the effect said the commentator:
I don't understand why they prefer areal marking and not man-marking. Have you ever seen an area score a goal?

The one I love best. 1986 World Cup.
Maradona, Maradona: The man they can't contain.

There are many more. I can't remember any more right now. Will add.


  1. It wasn't 1986. I clearly remember hearing that line live, and I'm not that old. Maybe 1990, or some sort of friendly.

  2. I thought we both heard it on the VHS we had. Remember? The one that Garrincha and co. Because I remember hearing that too. I don't know if you'd heard it before hearing it on the VHS. If you had, then I'd better change it.

  3. Had a good football night, haven't you? :)

  4. Yeah! ManU won 4-0. Barca won 2-0. Messi scored. And Athletico and Real Madrid put together what might well be the finest game of football I've ever seen in my life.

  5. One of the best I heard:

    "And now the Fans are chanting again: Türkiye! Türkiye! ... Which roughly means Turkey! Turkey!" (World Cup 2002)

    Good post :)

  6. Good post!
    A remarkable one that i heard which has also been inducted into the game of FIFA:
    "Can he see the goal from there?"