Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny incident :)

Not that it should interest anyone. Yesterday in class, Dr Lal, who was doing Karnad's Hayavadana with us, asked why during Yakshagana performances (or for that matter in most traditional stage performances) children are made to sit in the first rows. The answer came later: being more expressive than grownups, they allow the actors or performers to play off their reactions. One of the first answers came from...
Arijit Sett: Because they'
Dr Lal: Yes, they're kids, but why in front?
Arijit Sett: Because they're kinda short.
I found it hilarious. You might not. Don't worry.


  1. all hail to the meta-blogger!
    i refuse to thank you in my oscar speech, seeing that you have not told me about your exsitence on blogdom at all.
    hmmph. amo non. laudat non. only nauta necare poeta. (ignore errors).

    but, speaking of perspectives, how about this --

    the teacher wrote on the blackboard - OK
    i thought, OK. OKAY.
    the class yelled out, 0 K (zero K) :(

    perspectives, can be very alienating.

  2. all dis pyathetik zokes peepuls. hmpf

  3. not worrying at all. :-) took me ages to find this. hard-earned very limited internet time. be grateful. be very very grateful. and change the about me.